KIA will soon replenish its lineup of SUV with a new global model. The other day, Koreans have begun road tests of the compact crossover Tusker, created on the basis of the next-generation Hyundai Creta. The first spy photos of the car published edition Motor1. The public premiere of the novelty is expected in the spring of 2019.

Despite the camouflage, it is already obvious that the exterior design of the model was made based on the SP concept car, which was presented at the New Delhi Motor Show last year. Therefore, if we take out the front optics and bumpers (which are likely to change), we can safely say that we have a ready-made production car.

Everything goes to the fact that KIA Tusker will share the modular platform with the next generation of Hyundai Creta, which means that at least two units will be included in its motor range. The 1.4-liter 140-horsepower “turbo-four” from the third-generation Ceed hatchback will be the base, and the 2.0-liter aspirated engine with 150 horsepower will be the alternative.

Turbocharged engine is combined only with a 7-step “robot” with two clutches, and the second with a new iVT variator. Drive – only front.

More information about the new product yet. The date of the premiere, as usual, will be announced additionally.


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