KIA Rio X-Line 2020 – beautiful, but useless

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It’s better to drop money and buy Creta, or simply use car sharing “on a permanent basis”.

KIA Rio X-Line 2020 release finally convinced the public that Korean designers have learned how to make low-cost cars attractive in appearance, but the functionality of the car is still a big question. The cross-hatch turned out to be cute and large, as for its segment, but at the same time – most of the nuances of such a Rio do not allow it to be apprehended adequately.

Take at least the same paintwork that seemed intentionally made too thin, as a result of which a couple of months of operation of the KIA Rio X-Line leads to the first chips appearing on the hood of the car. It is all the more difficult to talk about outings with such a machine: any interactions even with thin branches run the risk of turning into shallow but noticeable scratches.

The reliability of the Chinese 1.6-liter engine, which gives the KIA Rio X-Line the opportunity to demonstrate decent dynamics, but at the same time about the seizures and problems of previous-generation cars with a catalyst, owners of the Korean cross hatchback remained in doubt.

The real advantage of the KIA Rio X-Line of 2020, compared to competitors from its own model line, should be considered only the exterior, since there is not enough free space inside, the 6-speed “automatic” works unstably, and the cost of the model in the “luxury” reaches one million rubles – it’s more profitable to take Creta.

KIA Rio X-Line is a Korean “bread machine” – this household appliance is convenient only if you use it every day, but it’s already not clear what it takes to spend money on flour or electricity, if it’s easier to go to a bakery. This “Korean” is beautiful, but useless and uninteresting, because the designers again failed to catch the line between price, quality and functionality.



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