Kia Sportage 150 T-GDI 48V Hybrid

One doesn’t expect too much from certain categories, just the bare minimum. Get from A to B as unobtrusively as possible. Be comfortable, quiet, have good music in it and have enough time to adjust the temperature on the ventilation. It’s no problem if you don’t boil the driver’s blood while driving, don’t stimulate either sporty or dynamic driving, just do the basics well and then everyone will be happy.

On the other hand, not everything goes well for Kia Sportage, despite performing a lot better than most of its classmates. The use of materials is great, the assembly and workmanship are very good, sitting in such a Kia is like sitting in a generation ago in Volkswagen, they have thoroughly caught up to the standard.

The position of the steering wheel and seat can be adjusted well. The latter is high, which many will be happy about, and the dashboard is short, which makes the windshield feel close and the front of the car looks very short, making it easy to see. It is far from difficult to maneuver in parking garages, narrow streets or garden entrances. There’s also the image of the reversing camera, which is pinpoint, its mirrors are big, anyone can get by easily with this car.

Special character, much bolder than previous Sportage models

However, its leadership is not undisturbed. Equipped with a 1.6-turbocharged petrol engine and a 48-volt hybrid system, the model is definitely an automatic transmission. This seven-speed structure has a double clutch that has its pitfalls. You can change loads quickly because the next gears are already waiting to be shifted, yet in Sportage the shifts are overly noticeable, the body nods.

When you start, the transmission waits a long time, the engine is already starting to spin up, but in fact we are still standing, and then one suddenly releases the clutch and starts pulling with a normal nose lift. It is a mistake in this process to add more gas while waiting because the bigger one is tipping backwards but not starting sooner. It’s basically wrong to have so many bucks in the start-up process. If you don’t start crawling properly to release the brake, it’s always like something is holding back the automatic transmission car, and at Sportage, that feeling is pretty strong, like you don’t want to start at all, which makes the traffic feel like a fight with it after a while.

It is infinitely easy and precise to steer, and the chassis is also deftly supportive, allowing you to turn vigorously. The feeling of braking is not the best, the braking force is low for a long time, and then it arrives suddenly, at which point the car nods big, and I often apologize to the passengers I see out of the corner of my eye as headbangelnek at all my decelerations. The sound insulation is good, the chassis springs comfortably, it is not bad to sit in it, but the journey from these movements is not a good experience overall.

Everything has been given to be good - Kia Sportage 50

You will also receive an anti-roll bar and an active lane holder as standard

Fortunately, he can skillfully help the driver’s work with his driving support, and he is a little disturbed by his experience, but only because he is often too sensitive. And that’s not a problem if someone yawns a lot in the lane, is definitely driven back by steering the Sportage, and if necessary, it also speaks frequently. He monitors the alertness of the driver and his dead space monitor is also quite active. Your anti-collision warning warns you much sooner than we would think the situation could be wrong, but we can never be careful enough. Everything in it can be turned off, so this part can also be easily personalized by the driver.

Its all-wheel drive works continuously, distributes power electronically, and we can constantly see on the display how it works, which wheel gets how much torque. So we also see that for every simple start and acceleration, the rear axle drives a high percentage, which is good for the dynamics, but all-wheel drive always increases fuel consumption as well. With this, the Sportage mild hybrid produced 8.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers of refueling by the end of the test period with significant urban use, which is not so bad from a car of this size, but it is on the market that is worth less.