Kia’s innovative formula to attract young audiences


The appointment was in a private house in Barrio Parque. Each of the 300 invited microinfluencers -between those who stood out Julieta Nair Calvo and rugbier, captain of the Jaguars, Pablo Matera- did not know what awaited them. The purpose of the event was to present the Kia Rio, the last compact presented by the automaker in our country. The proposal? To combine the sensations that millennials aspire to adopt from their referents in networks: emotion and status from new adventures and memorable experiences. Surrounded by an atmosphere recreated by sectors the city, the forest and the beach, the event became itself an experience to share in networks, in which each guest could choose which way to go. From the hand of the content creators of Kia, Clarita Cao and Juanchi Roisman, the participants could see live and in action the local representative of living art Martina Elisa Montoya. In addition, there was a barbershop space, makeup by Kahlé, and a area that invited to live the pre-World Cup of Russia 2018 -event of which Kia is an official partner- making available a replica of the World Cup. As a finishing touch, a raffle was made to see the Selection. In addition to the launch, there was a space for barbershop, makeup by Kahlé, and an area that invited to live before the World Cup in Russia 2018. Proposed as an ideal ally for those who are in constant movement -whether for their urban activity, for a sudden escape to ski or to mix green and sea-, the River accompanies with its technical characteristics its main objective. Kia’s latest bet for young audiences It has a 1.6 engine with 6 speed box, panoramic roof, a 7 ” screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, USB chargers in the first and second row, ecological air conditioning, a Clean Air climate system and seats, steering wheel and Lever upholstered in leather. Thus, young people from 25 to 35 years old find in the vehicle a guide of values ​​that they share with the influencers they follow. Among them, the place of power, visual, connectivity, style and even environmental responsibility. El Rio stands out for having the best guarantee in the segment; of 5 years or 100 thousand kilometers. Beyond its innovative design, its modern and efficient motorization, and its outstanding connectivity, the Rio stands out for having the best guarantee of the segment; of 5 years or 100 thousand kilometers.


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