Kicillof, against the opposition: “They did not deliver computers and now they are desperate to open schools”

Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof participated today in the inauguration of a school in Avellaneda and pointed out against the opposition, amid the controversy over the proposals presented by Cambiemos for the return to the modality of face-to-face classes. “They were a government that did not even know what the universities were for, they were a government that did not provide computers for the children, but now they are desperate to open the schools,” launched the provincial president, who also particularly charged against former governor María Eugenia Vidal, recalling the tragedy of the Primary No. 49 of Moreno in which a deputy director and an assistant died.

The president was today at the inauguration of the new building of Primary School No. 31 together with the Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta, the national deputy Magdalena Sierra and the mayor Jorge Ferraresi.

“I got tired of touring stopped works”, was one of the “spicy” phrases of Governor Kicillof.

“While in some places schools were being built, in other places the buildings were exploding. Which were, in reality, the product of inactions, ”Kicillof pointed out.

“Before I was governor, I said that this could not happen again, but for that we need investment in education. We are finishing more than 900 spare parts in the framework of Schools to Work so that laziness never ends in tragedy ”, he added later.

In this context, he criticized the opposition leaders who “press” with open positions, and referred to “mayors” and implicitly the head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

“It was a government that took computers away from the boys, but now they are desperate because people do not lose their contact with the school,” he said, referring to the requests made by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

And he added in this regard: “Sometimes they speak of a jurisdiction where they have 6 thousand cases, to say a number that went around, of kids with connectivity problems. In the province of Buenos Aires we are 17 million inhabitants. What have we done? Going to look for the boys at their houses and printing 10 million booklets at the State’s expense ”.

“Let’s not do opportunism or tantrums. We cannot put boys, girls and their families at risk in high-traffic areas. It’s a bad time to start pulling rough, start to muddy, “he said



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