Kickers Offenbach: Farewell to rise – bottomless OFC loses 0:3 in Steinbach

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The Kickers want to keep their chances of promotion in Haiger.
The Kickers want to keep their chances of promotion in Haiger. © Hans-Uwe Kellner/Imago Images

The dream of promotion is over: Kickers Offenbach goes down on Saturday (April 23, 2022) at TSV Steinbach Haiger. Here’s the game to read.

Summary: That’s it: With an underground performance, Kickers Offenbach said goodbye to the promotion race of the Southwest Regional Football League. In the 0:3 (0:0) at TSV Steinbach Haiger, the Kickers didn’t get a foot on the ground and disappointed across the board. At the back they let Steinbach score two unconstrained goals in the second half. Up front, the OFC was shockingly harmless. Huseinbasic shot on goal for the first time in the 81st minute. The Kickers fans went home deeply disappointed.

35th matchdayTSV Steinbach Haiger – Kickers Offenbach 3:0 (0:0)
Tore1-0 Breitenbach (62’/own goal), 2-0 Wulff (73′), 3-0 Stock (76′)
cardsKamm Al-Azzawe, Kircher / Okungbowa (4)


90. Minute: The referee shows understanding and blows his whistle on time.

89. Minute: Steinbach’s Chessa goes. Ex-Offenbacher Marcell Sobotta is still allowed to participate.

88. Minute: Steinbach comes again after losing the ball OFC. But this time Richter saved Stick’s shot.

87. Minute: The OFC gets two corners out again. But nothing constructive comes up. The heads finally hang.

84. Minute: Steinbach changes twice. Wulff and Bandowski go, Nieland and Gabriele come. The OFC has also changed again. Huseinbasic goes, U19 talent Mesanovic comes.

81. Minute: Denis Huseinbasic, still the best in Offenbach, fires the first shot on goal nine minutes before the end.

80. Minute: The OFC has to “survive” another ten minutes, then the most disappointing performance of the season is over. From the start, the Kickers had no access to the game.

78. Minute: The hosts change twice, to the thunderous applause of their fans: Bradara and March come for Kircher and Eismann.

76. Minute: It is 3-0 for Steinbach. Paul Stock can take the ball unchallenged on the edge of the penalty area, put himself on his left foot and shoot into the right corner.

74. Minute: The OFC changes. Tuma replaces Marcos. A little later, the left foot is fouled by Kircher. He sees yellow for it.

73. Minute: 2-0 for Steinbach. Wulff, who had prepared the 1-0, is uncovered in the middle and not offside. He nets deliberately into the right corner.

71. Minute: A quick look at Giessen. There, SSV Ulm 1846 leads 2-0. If the situation stays that way, the sparrows are six points ahead of the OFC three games before the end. And currently nothing speaks for the OFC, absolutely nothing at all.

69. Minute: It just doesn’t work at the OFC. Firat initiates the counterattack, stages Ramaj, who fails the first contact. The ball goes out of the goal. There was so much more in it. Total insecurity.

65. Minute: Eleventh corner for Steinbach. But settled. Meanwhile, there is a brief violent excitement in the Kickers fan block, but the police first calmed down.

64. Minute: Double substitution at OFC: Bojaj and Garcia leave, Firat and Ramaj join.

62. Minute: And now it’s happened – and the OFC is doing it themselves. Jayson Breitenbach grabs a template from the right from Wulff into his own net. The Kickers complain about offside from Wulff, hard to say. In any case, the goal fits the previous day to forget for the kickers.

60. Minute: The OFC annex celebrates – the first corner is perfect. It’s 1:10.

59. Minute: It remains an extremely problematic performance by the Kickers, who simply cannot manage a fluid combination. Some of the body language isn’t right at all. Exceptions are Breitenbach, Zieleniecki, Huseinbasic, who go to work with the necessary physicality against fast, strong players from Steinbach.

55. Minute: Steinbach really only has one problem: They don’t do anything with their opportunities. That’s the only thing that keeps the OFC in the game.

54. Minute: The flash in the pan has gone out again. Nothing comes from the OFC. Instead, Steinbach takes out the ninth corner. It’s 9:0, by the way, the supposed corner in the first half was just a throw-in. And now it’s in double digits: 10:0.

52. Minute: Steinbach goes over to the right again, but Stock heads clear in the middle to the right.

50. Minute: Steinbach remains more dangerous. Chessa dances right out of Marcos, crosses. Bandowski heads to the side netting. The Steinbach fans had already seen the ball inside.

48. Minute: The OFC is more active, but it is not mandatory.

46. Minute: The ball rolls again. And indeed: Hermes is involved for Hosiner.

3:05 p.m.: There are at least one change in the Kickers. Lucas Hermes will come, Hosiner is gone.

3:04 p.m.: The OFC is back on the pitch, hopefully in the game then.

45. Minute: Halftime in Steinbach. The result is certainly the best from Offenbach’s point of view. That was little from the OFC.

42. Minute: At the other end, Garcia crosses from the right, but Bozic and Hosiner miss in the middle.

41. Minute: The corner comes, but Strujic heads over it.

40. Minute: Chessa’s attempt is blocked by the Offenbach Wall. A little later Steinbach again, but the ball is cleared for a corner. 8:1 corners.

39. Minute: The OFC sometimes with a longer ball possession phase, but then Breitenbach crosses into nothing – Steinbach counters, and behind Okungbowa straddles in dire need – and sees yellow. Free kick from 18 meters.

36. Minute: Now the OFC, but Marcos’ crosses, as is so often the case, are not precise enough. Steinbach clarifies without difficulty.

33. Minute: The Offenbach fans sing in constant mode – and are the best that the Kickers currently have on the pitch. The performance of the eleven players is very sobering. Steinbach, after all, three games without a win and goal, is clearly game-determining. The kickers quickly lose the ball again and again during the build-up due to many inaccuracies.

30. Minute: What is there? That’s right, a corner for Steinbach, it’s now 7-1. The OFC simply loses too many duels and thus hardly comes to a compelling game structure.

28. Minute: The game had taken a short break in which nothing happened. Now there is the fourth corner for the hosts. Richter and Okungbowa clear up with difficulty. Then comes corner number five. Again not safe. But Strujic’s header is blocked. Corner number six. But now it brings nothing.

22. Minute: And immediately Steinbach again: Bandowski makes speed on the left, brings the ball in sharply flat. But in the middle, Wulff straddles. Quite dangerous.

21. Minute: OFC’s first dangerous offensive action: Garcia to Hosiner, who lays in the alley to Milde, but his cross in front of the goal is blocked to a corner. It brings nothing. But: A first offensive sign of life from the Kickers.

18. Minute: Steinbach again, but Chessa’s cross is in goal. Goal kick. Nevertheless: The hosts are better in the game, win more duels.

15. Minute: The first quarter of an hour is over. Distributed game, the host had the best and only chance so far. The OFC is striving for control, but is not yet finding its way forward.

11. Minute: Huge chance for Steinbach. After a “candle” by Zieleniecki, Bandowski shoots a volley from ten meters. Richter steers the ball over the crossbar with a brilliant act. The third corner is then cleared.

10. Minute: Second corner for Steinbach Haiger, Bojaj’s ball back caught both Richter and Okungbowa by surprise. But even this second corner brings nothing.

9. Minute: The Kickers fans are tireless. Good vibes on the block.

6. Minute: Steinbach’s central defender Kamm Al-Azzawe loses the duel against Bozic and knocks him to the ground. Free kick and yellow card for the centre-back. Milde’s free kick goes past friend and foe into the goal. On the other side there is the first corner for Steinbach – but that doesn’t bring anything either.

3. Minute: Florent Bojaj is down after a duel and is treated briefly. Then it goes on.

2. Minute: The OFC attacked from the left for the first time. Marcos crosses, but Steinbach clears the ball out of the penalty area. Meanwhile, both fan camps are in a really good mood.

1. Minute: The ball rolls, Steinbach has started.

2:01 p.m.: The Kickers compete today in classic white. The hosts all in red.

14 o’clock: The teams come onto the field. Around 2000 spectators welcome both teams.

1:57 p.m.: The game’s referee is Timo Lämmle (Kernen im Remstal).

1:55 p.m.: The guests include two players who have a past in Offenbach: Benjamin Kirchhoff, once captain of the OFC, and Marcell Sobotta. Both currently only play a supporting or bank role at TSV.

1:53 p.m.: The OFC fans had started a call. “All in red after Haiger” – and numerous fans followed the call. The stadium is already full. The OFC fan troop is standing on the covered grandstand behind the goal, actually dressed all in red.

1:51 p.m.: TSV Steinbach Haiger, without a win or a goal for three games, starts with this team: Scholz – Mihajlevic, Strujic, Wulff, Bisanovic, Chessa, Kamm Al-Azzawe, Kircher, Stock, Bandowski, Eismann – Bank: Bansen – March, Nieland, Gabriele, Sobotta, Ilhan, Bradara, Kirchhoff, Weigelt.

1:49 p.m.: And coach Sreto Ristic is sending these eleven into the race today: Richter – Breitenbach, Zieleniecki, Okungbowa – Milde, Garcia, Huseinbasic, Bojaj, Marcos – Hosiner, Bozic. Bench: Tramontana – Andacic, Firat, Hermes, Ramaj, Tuma, Mesanovic, Stark, Moreno Giesel.

1:46 p.m.: The Kickers, who suffered a bitter setback in the 1-1 draw against TSG Balingen on Wednesday, can now fall back on top scorer Dejan Bozic. Playmaker Tunay Deniz is missing because of his second yellow card suspension. Curious: He also served the first one in the first leg against Steinbach. Since the OFC had caught a cream day in the 4-0 victory.

1:45 p.m.: Welcome from the SIBRE sports center in Haiger. The OFC, currently third with 67 points, is playing fourth-placed TSV Steinbach Haiger (60) today. The starting position after yesterday’s 2-0 win by leaders SV Elversberg (73) is clear. Kickers only have vague hopes in the promotion race of the Southwest Regional Football League if they win.

Live ticker: This is how OFC fares at TSV Steinbach Haiger

Offenbach – Is there anything else going towards promotion for the OFC? After the disappointing 1-1 draw against TSG Balingen, Offenbacher Kickers are in any case combative. On Saturday (April 23, 2022), head coach Sreto Ristic’s team will now have to let their actions speak for themselves against their Hesse rival TSV Steinbach Haiger.

OFC is still third in the Regionalliga Südwest with 67 points, followed by Mittelhessen with 60 points, who recently lost 2-0 at home to VfB Stuttgart ll. The Offenbachers should also be hoping for a similar result when the whistle sounds at 2 p.m. in the Sibre sports center in Haarwasen.

Kickers Offenbach: Tense personnel situation against Steinbach-Haiger

In the first half of the season, Kickers Offenbach clearly won 4-0 against TSV Steinbach Haiger. Now the basic requirements are different. In a message before the match, OFC trainer Ristic attested to the opponent’s “super series”, but also emphasized Steinbach’s two recent mistakes.

The personnel situation of the Kickers remains “a walk on a tightrope”. But, according to Ristic, “we take the situation as it is”. You can find out how the Offenbacher Kickers will line up against TSV Steinbach Haiger on Saturday (April 23, 2022, 2 p.m.) on We accompany the important game on the 35th matchday of the Regionalliga Südwest as usual in our live ticker. (red/ag)