Kicking an elderly woman is recorded, this hospital security guard is arrested

NEW DELHI, – A security guard at the government hospital of Uttar Pradesh, India, was arrested after being caught on camera kicking an elderly woman.

The video, which was then uploaded to Twitter, sparked the anger of netizens, where the officer was immediately arrested as the video went viral.

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The security guard, identified as Sanjay Mishra, kicked and tortured the elderly woman outside the Swaroop Rani Nehru Hospital.

Reported Gulf News Saturday (8/8/2020), the woman, about 80 years old, was looking for shelter outside the trauma center.

In the video, the unidentified woman is crying for help, with no one trying to prevent Mishra.

As soon as the video was uploaded by Indian journalist Alok Pandey, netizens shouted and asked that the perpetrator be severely punished.

“People who just pass by and record? No, I was very surprised. This is too annoying,” said a citizen named @somyalakhani.

Based on Alok Pandey’s latest upload, the elderly woman was then rushed to the same hospital for treatment.

Mishra was immediately arrested after the video became widespread, with the hospital also blacklisting Mishra’s distribution company.

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