Kids extremely hungry for education – maple

Eubigheim. Many large pairs of children’s eyes look attentively – at whom? To none other than Ahorn’s Mayor Benjamin Czernin, who made his debut as a reader on the nationwide reading day with flying colors.

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Surrounded by the kids of the St. Josef kindergarten, he sits (vaccinated and tested daily) on the blue play carpet, a plush bunny and a hedgehog that is not prickly at all in the middle and reads from the magically illustrated picture book “We two are friends for life.”

Accentuated, child-friendly, not clinging slavishly to the text and completely attentive to the young audience, he created an atmosphere that enabled the children to identify with the adventures of the expected protagonists, the rabbit and the hedgehog.

Friendship, trust, jealousy or misunderstandings are child-oriented and emotionally thematized and captivate the eagerly listening boys and girls, as they have all already experienced such situations.

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The expressive images make it easier to immerse yourself in the fantasy world, by the stream, meadow or in the tree cave. The nationwide reading day, which always takes place on the third Friday in November, had the motto “friendship and solidarity”, which is also the annual theme of the kindergarten, explained director Carmen Ihle. It is not only present when reading, but also in everyday situations. The interaction with one another or the diversity of the children visiting the facility with their different ethnic groups are just as much a part of it as participating in the recent “Children help children” campaign and the construction of the new play equipment shed. By introducing hand puppets, situations would be made tangible and ways in which conflicts could be resolved would be worked out.

Registered on the homepage of the reading day with “The mayor reads aloud”, the teachers combined the annual and reading topic with the educational aspects of reading. Be it language acquisition, empathy, getting involved or listening, immersing yourself in worlds, stimulating the imagination or just sitting still, reading aloud is not only fun, it is an essential component of good education.

An elementary contribution to this is made in day-to-day kindergarten. But it is more and more lost in families, although there is a constant need to read aloud.

Again and again children would pull a book from the shelf and come with the request: “Will you read something to me?” Not surprising in view of the group eagerly listening.

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The town hall chief was rewarded for his commitment with an enthusiastic “Yeah, that was nice” and a loud applause. And because he was so taken with the story of friendship himself, he surprised his audience with the next volume in the series, “We Two in Winter”. Who knows, maybe when the first snowflakes fall, he’ll find his way onto the blue play carpet again. An