Kids rodeos, cheating on death at 12 – Seven to eight

In Texas, children cheat death at the rodeo. Driven by their parents, they play with 500kg bulls and sometimes pay with their lives. In recent years, rodeo has become one of the most popular sports among children, especially in the rural and poor southern states of the United States. Their dream, to become professional like the adults, the stars of the PBR, the world championship of rodeo. They can earn several tens of millions of euros per year. Children’s competitions are also broadcast live on major American sports channels. Boys and girls are elevated to the rank of gladiators. For the show, these mini cowboys start younger and younger. They are placed on increasingly nervous and muscular bulls, at the risk of injury or even loss of life. This sport is now considered the most dangerous in the world, ten times more violent than American football. Thus, children barely 10 years old find themselves shaken in all directions by bulls weighing more than 500kg, doped and overpowered. The image hardly shocks anymore in the southern United States where the practice of bull riding is part of popular culture. In 2021, six Texan mini cowboys died during rodeos, which does not stop the parents and these children, quite the contrary. This video excerpt is from the replay of Sept à Huit, a weekly news and report program broadcast on TF1 and presented by Harry Roselmack. 7 à 8 offers 3 to 4 reports on current events: politics, miscellaneous facts, society or even international events.

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