Kiivčs have been attacked by bad guys in the supermarket: “This is an insane country!”

The video, originally posted on Facebook, shows Andris Kivičs trying to grab a man and hit him while a security guard tries to distinguish between the two. Meanwhile, the filmmaker, who is apparently on the side of an unidentified man, in a harsh words, orders Kivičs to leave. Until the end of the video, only the phrase can be heard from Andris Kivičs: “It’s about you that I … [red. – nesaprotami]”.

Warning – uncensored language can be heard in the video!

The musician explains what really happened

Kivičs later commented on the unexplained incident in a 11-minute live Facebook video, saying that the filming only shows the end of the conflict. What remains behind the scenes is that both men lurked on top of Andris and Liene, filmed both very close and laughed cleverly. Judging by Kivičs, scabies has occurred in an Iļģuciems “Rimi” store.

“It simply came to our notice then. We were shopping at the store when two guys suddenly passed us and shouted. They seemed to be together – they called and filmed, ”Kivičs says live. The musician approached both of them and asked what was going on, but received only laughter in return.

Filming and laughter about the couple resumed at the front door. Andris, as he finds out, came to talk, knocked out the phone used for filming and ran after it, but fell awkwardly and received about 20 seconds of kicking in the head.

When the musician managed to get on his feet, he hit one of the men with his hand and “gave the other a pendulum”, after which the conflict outside seemed to be over.

Andris Kivičs later went to look up both of them and found the men in a sushi restaurant. The musician then found out who kicked him and hit him. The other man jumped to his feet and fell on top of Kiivi. The following is also shown in the first video, which has reached social networks today. In the filmed fight, as Kivičs explains, his right eyebrow is also pierced.

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“We will leave”

In connection with the attack, Kiivich contacted the police and asked the investigators to identify the men who had caught him. What was the last time the musician “saw Jelgava near” Tonus “, where some Russians beat a fallen guy in a trio”.

In his live broadcast, the musician and candidate for deputy from KPV LV also points out that this was another incident that only strengthened the desire to leave Latvia – it is difficult to live here at the moment. Kiivis does not understand the public attitude towards him and Liena, because the couple does nothing bad to anyone.

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