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Kilian BronCher Kilian Bron,

It’s undeniable ! When you learned to ride a bike, the little wheels stayed in the garage. I don’t see it any other way. You master the machine like never before and like no one else. I who only imagined mountain biking as a simple means of transport. Allowing me to go from point A to point B. From my garage to my baker. Or to enjoy a long engagement Sunday, a nice family outing.

For you, it’s something else entirely. It is the passion of a lifetime. An object of travel, of sharing. A friend who takes you far.

Transcribing, on glossy paper, your adventures, filmed or photographed, it’s like your machine, it’s a headache! I assure you, once again, the risky bet has been won. It’s a beautiful book as they say!

That’s a big part of you! The daredevil! The fool ! Not so crazy, no! You know the risks, the dangers. You prepare with attention, rigor and professionalism. The feat, the performance are not a leap into the void. Everything is meticulously organized. Even if sometimes there are the imponderables. It’s part of the game, your game.

That of hurtling down, head in the handlebars. Body, heart and soul in unison. That of making US vibrate, of making US tremble. To play vertigo like others trouble.

I really like when you write that you wanted to dedicate this book “to beauty”. Araucania – The Sierra de Guara – Aragon – White Island… are all names that resonate in this book. So many places, promises of travel. Journeys around the world. Adventures, expeditions, exploits.

“cycling is sometimes just a pretext, so intense is what we experience there”

Kilian Bron

I allowed myself to “steal” this photo during one of your Instagram stories. I think it pretty much sums up what you mean to a generation. I like, how, the children want to appropriate the bike of the tightrope walker. A friend came by yesterday. His son is a fan. He left with your Bible under his arm. It will, without a doubt, be in trouble, puffed through with passion. He will be happy, I’m sure. But your book will come back. It will be time to put it back in its place. In my cave in Alibaba, my library.

Carry on dear Kilian Bron. Do not stop. As long as there is desire, there are great stories to tell.

Sebastien Beaujault

“Mountain biking is above all a sliding sport where you play with your limits. A game of concentration, precision and fun”

To go even further, faster, more beautiful… Clip Switzerland paradise / Kilian Bron

Kilian Bron“All terrain vertigo”
Kilian Bron
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