Kil’jaeden down : Top 10 Mondial et 1st kill FR pour Tribe sur Sulfuron – World of Warcraft Classic

Kil’jaeden didn’t last long against the mastery of the BC Classic players. The Old School guild has indeed validated the World First of the last boss of the Sunwell Plateauproving once again that we are definitely no longer in 2008, even if at the time Blizzard had gradually unlocked access to the various bosses.

Old School thus pocketed the World First, while Avatar and Progress finished in 2nd and 3rd place. It played out just a few minutes, as you can see below on the Warcraftlogs leaderboard.

On the French-speaking side, it is once again Tribe who pocket the victory with an hour and a half ahead of Drums, and a little more over Maze Classic. In any case, congratulations to all!

Top 10 World at Sunwell Plateau

Top 10 FR at Sunwell Plateau