Kill Bill 3 may be Quentin Tarantino’s last film

Quentin Tarantino is currently running for honors in Italy, where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Rome Film Festival on Tuesday Dario Argentótól, a Sighs and the Deep red from its director. Tarantino also had a long conversation about his career, which of course covered what kind of film he would make next. Earlier, Tarantino said several times that he intended his next, tenth feature film to be the last.

A Kill Bill 3 will it be Tarantino was asked in Rome, according to Variety’s summary. “Why not?” Replied the director. He did not explain. He later added that he wanted to do a comedy first, which, however, may not be a feature film. As part of that, however, he would also try the subgenre of italowestern because he would make a western where everyone speaks a different language.

The Mexican bandit was Italian, the protagonist was American, the evil sheriff was German, the Mexican joy girl was Israeli, and everyone spoke another language. The actors know that their lyrics will come when the other finishes their own rhyme

Tarantino laughed at the good idea.

He also said that the first film he saw and remembered was Deadlier Than the Male is a 1967 English spy film he watched around the age of five. He didn’t remember his title, and when he watched the film in the 1990s, he realized it was his first film experience as a kid.