Kill her boyfriend by throwing a cell phone at his head in the middle of a fight

She kills her boyfriend by throwing a cell phone at his head in the middle of a fight, that’s how he met in the last hours.

The unfortunate event occurred in northeastern Argentina, in the municipality of Cafayate and is the subject of investigation by the authorities.

Kill her boyfriend with a cell phone

Roxana Adelina López, 22, would have murdered her boyfriend after hitting him hard on the head. It all happened in the middle of a couple’s argument when the woman threw a cell phone at his head with such force that it caused a head trauma. The events occurred on April 19 in the municipality of Cafayate, in northeastern Argentina.

The newspaper La Nación reported that Roxana had got into an argument with her boyfriend Luis Guantay, who according to the investigations; He would have hit the woman hard in the face. She, in retaliation, grabbed her cell phone and threw it with all her might at her head and it hit her in the temple.

After the impact, the man began to feel headaches and discomfort throughout his body to such an extent that his condition worsened and he had to go to the clinic. He arrived at the San Bernardo hospital in the city of Salta and was operated on for a severe head injury. The man could not bear the operation and died. Guantay’s mother reported López to the authorities.

The forensic experts were able to establish that the blow that the young man had received in ‘the temple’ was the cause of his death. Therefore, they proceeded to carry out the necessary procedures for the prosecution of Roxana, who was indicted under the charge of “Pre-intentional homicide.”

However, Roxana denied her participation in the events and pleaded not guilty. The woman argued during the prosecution hearing that she was defending herself from the physical abuse committed by Guantay. For the moment, the woman enjoys freedom, however, she continues to be linked to the investigation by the Argentine authorities. They still cannot determine if Roxana is guilty of Luis’s death or not.