Killed in front of the house, there is a detainee. Hunting for an accomplice – Chronicle

Prato, 25 November 2021 – One of the two men wanted for the murder of Gianni Avvisato, the 38 year old of Campania origins but always transplanted to Tuscany, killed Wednesday afternoon a Comeana (Lawn).

It is a 35-year-old Florentine, a laborer, tracked down thanks to car plate which had been noted by a witness shortly after the crime. Stopped by the carabinieri in the late evening of Wednesday, the man allegedly discharged all the responsibility on the other wanted man, whose name he gave the investigators. It would be a Florentine at the moment untraceable, already under house arrest for the wounding of a policeman. The 38-year-old arrested, assisted by lawyers Mattia Alfano e Massimo Nistri, he told the carabinieri that he would not have known of the possession of the weapon by the accomplice. Regarding the motive, everything is still to be ascertained and rebuilt.

The carabinieri at the scene of the murder (Attalmi);  in the box the victim, Gianni Avvisato

The crime

Alvisato was killed around 17 on Wednesday in a street with no background in Comeana, via Boccaccio. One shot, distinctly heard from several neighbors, and then the desperate cries: “Help, they shot me“. E’ died at the door of his house in the usually very quiet hamlet of Carmignano. The killers had parked in the nearby Via Petrarca. A witness he had managed to get the license plate number of the car and the carabinieri in the late evening were already on the trail of the two killers.

Alvisato had moved to Comeana a few months ago. I had lived in Florence, on the Isolotto, but was well known in the area. In the early 2000s he had taken over the family gym, the “Sport and fitness” in Poggio a Caiano after the death of his brother in a tragic road accident. A few years ago, then, he had sold the business and he had lost track of him in the Carmignano area. He had recently found work as a waiter in a local bar, although on his Facebook page, the man introduced himself as personal trainer. Muscular, with an exuberant temperament, he had a passion for tattoos. He had had a little trouble with drugs but nothing that suggested such a tragic end. Alert was at home yesterday afternoon when the two killers showed up at the door. First there was an argument, then the two men drew their guns and fired point blank a shot that took him in the groin.

The first to rescue the man left on the ground in a pool of blood in the garden in front of the house were the brothers Emanuele e Stefano, warned by the wife of one of the two who had heard the screams and the shot. The brothers knew the victim and rushed. “Help, they shot me”, were the last words of Avvisato. The alarm went off immediately. 118 also alerted the helicopter rescue that arrived in the Carmignano area. However, he had to leave empty: Avvisato died shortly after the ambush. It is likely that he bled to death from the groin wound, it does not seem that the blow has reached vital organs. In via Boccaccio the carabinieri arrived from the command of Prato with Colonel Francesco Zamponi, the Investigative Unit, the Forensic Department for the reliefs and looking for the cartridge case, and the prosecutor of tirno Massimo Petrocchi. The area of ​​the house was cordoned off and access prevented for anyone who wanted to approach.