• The family of killed Saudi Arabian journalist Khashoggi hopes that he can be buried in Medina.
  • She hopes that an investigation will reveal the circumstances under which Khashoggi died in early October in the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul.

The family of allegedly murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi sits down for a worthy burial of her father in the Muslim holy city of Medina. That's "all we want now," Khashoggi's son Salah told CNN. "I talked to the Saudi authorities about it and I just hope it comes soon."

The family is still struggling with the uncertainty of what really happened in the Saudi Consulate-General in Istanbul. "I'm just waiting for the facts to come to light," said Salah Khashoggi. Saudi King Salman emphasized that all those responsible would be held accountable. That will happen, otherwise the Saudis would not have initiated an internal investigation. "

Family hopes that Khashoggi died without pain

Salah Khashoggi's brother, Abdullah, told the US broadcaster about his father, "Whatever happened to him, I really hope it was not painful for him – or at least quickly – or that he died a peaceful death."

Previous reports and official statements on the fate of Khashoggi give little hope to this hope. What is clear is that he went to the Consulate in Istanbul on October 2 to collect papers for his planned wedding – and then did not show up. The Saudi government presented various explanations for its disappearance. Only after weeks did the regime say that the government critic had been killed in the consulate.

According to the Turkish judiciary, Khashoggi was strangled shortly after entering the consulate, his body dismembered and then "destroyed". Earlier, Turkish investigators had spoken of torturing Khashoggi by a special force specially arrived from Saudi Arabia.

Morality does not matter to Trump

The US President is punishing Iran for sanctions because the country is causing trouble throughout the region. This also applies to Saudi Arabia. But here he leaves leniency.

Comment by Moritz Baumstieger




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