Killer nurse in the classroom admits 100 murders: he killed the patients in his hospital

He is accused of the longest series of post-war homicides in Germany and today, at the opening of his trial in Oldenburg, in Lower Saxony, he admitted his faults: killing 100 patients in intensive care. Niels Hoegel, a former nurse of 41 years, he gave lethal drugs to patients aged 34 to 96 in the hospitals of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, between 2000 and 2005.

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The relatives of the victims, the more than 120 representatives of the civil parties and the lawyers were so numerous that the hearing could not take place in the city court, but was transferred to the congress hall in Oldenburg. Shortly after the beginning of the trial, after the minute of silence for the victims, the surprise: at the direct request of the judge, the defendant confirmed the accusations addressed to him.

The former nurse has knowingly given drugs that caused complications, including cardiac arrest. He did it to then try the emotion of reviving them, he said. For the prosecutor's office he had the goal of being considered a sort of hero, and getting to light among his colleagues. "I had imagined the job of nursing differently," said Hoegel. My father was a nurse and so was my grandmother. They were my models, and for me it was always the dream job. I thought my job was to take care of the patients, wash them. Instead I had to look after unconscious people who had just come out of the operating room or were in a coma attached to tubes and appliances. High-tech medicine has dehumanized work ", tried to explain Hoegel.

When asked whether the motive for the murders was boredom, the 41-year-old replied that "boredom was only part of my problem, alongside alcohol and drug abuse. But I never took them into service. " Hoegel had already been convicted of the death of six people in Delmenhorst's intensive care unit, but it took years to gather the necessary evidence to instruct the process that opened today: "We fought and waited 4 years for Hoegel to be convicted for the 100 murders, "said family spokesman Christian Marbach. The State Prosecutor has appointed 23 witnesses and 11 among forensic experts and toxicologists. "Our goal is for Hoegel to remain in prison for as long as possible," concluded the family spokesman.

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