Kim Dotcom: Putin evacuated children from a war zone and “we killed more than 20 million people”

The German businessman and activist says he is “blown away” by the order, because it was requested by a British prosecutor who just a month ago helped free his pedophile brother from prison.

German businessman and activist Kim Dotcom, founder of the shuttered download website Megaupload, condemned the double standards of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for its arrest warrant issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin, and believes that the court has lost all credibility.

German businessman and activist Kim Dotcom on April 26, 2013. Hannah Peters/Twitter/KimDotcom/

“The International Criminal Court that we do not recognize issued an arrest warrant for Putin for evacuating children from a war zone that is being bombed with our own weapons. [de la OTAN]. And we [Occidente] we are the ones who have killed more than 20 million people in 37 countries victims since World War II”, Dotcom wrote on his Twitter account.

The ICC issued an arrest warrant against the Russian president on Friday, citing his responsibility for alleged crimes committed in Ukraine. The court located in The Hague (Netherlands) mentions the alleged deportation of Ukrainian minors to Russian territory, something that it qualifies as a war crime and points out that there are sufficient grounds to believe in the direct responsibility of Vladimir Putin.

“What credibility can the ICC have?”

The arrest request was filed by the ICC’s attorney general, British lawyer Karim Khan. In this regard, Kim Dotcom in another tweet mentioned being “blown away” by that decision, because he “a month ago [el fiscal] He got his brother Imran Khan, convicted in the UK for pedophilia, released from prison with a commutation of his sentence.”

In February Imran Khan, a former MP for Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, was released from prison after serving half his sentence. The politician was convicted of sexual assault against a minor, for which in May of last year he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

In addition, the German activist recalled that a couple of years ago the United States imposed sanctions against an ICC prosecutor for her investigation of war crimes committed in Afghanistan by the US military. Washington also threatened to arrest and punish the magistrates and other court officials for the same case. “Frightened, the court judges backed down. It is clearly not about justice. What credibility can the ICC have?” Dotcom tweeted.

The ICC threatens the US when it suits it

Despite the fact that at the time the US government described the court as “irresponsible” and “dangerous” for the country, in addition to urging it to “limit the broad powers” of the ICC, now President Joe Biden supports the court decision against Vladimir Putin.

Russia, like the US, Ukraine, Israel and other countries, is not part of the Rome Statute – the founding document of the ICC – and therefore does not consider the decisions of the judicial body as legal and qualifies them as “ insignificant”. Washington even adopted a law that authorizes the use of “all necessary and appropriate means to achieve the release” of a military or official detained at the request of the court in The Hague.

RT, 18.03.2023