Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump arrived in Singapore for their rugged summit

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump arrived in Singapore for their rugged summit

First the leader of North Korea did it Kim Jong Un and hours later, the president of the USA Donald Trump . Both leaders arrived in Singapore on Sunday for the historic summit meeting with which they hope to discuss the future of the North Korean nuclear program. Singapore’s chancellor, Vivian Balakrishnan, received Kim at the foot of the ladder of the Air China plane that brought him from Pyongyang, as confirmed by the foreign minister himself in a photo posted on his Twitter account. Kim’s caravan moved through the streets of one of the most prestigious districts of Sinpapur to the Hotel St Regis, where he will be staying until Tuesday. Along the road, hundreds of people lined up hoping to see the enigmatic communist leader, who this year has started an unusual diplomacy with which he seems to be opening the country to the rest of the world. Then, the turn was for Donald Trump, who, meanwhile, arrived in Singapore 36 hours ahead of schedule at the Paya Lebar air base at 8:21 pm local time, after his controversial visit to the summit. of the G7 held in Quebec, Canada and from which he left without signing the official declaration. His reception was also in charge of Balakrishnan. When descending from the plane, Trump was reprimanded about how he felt around the meeting with Kim Jong Un, which he answered with a simple “very good” before getting into the limousine that would take him to his hotel. Shortly after his arrival, Kim met with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the government headquarters, with whom he discussed some details of the meeting with Trump, which will be held at the Capella Resort, a luxurious resort on the island of Sentosa. South end of Singapore. “From our point of view, it is important that the meeting takes place and that it leaves developments for a new trajectory, one that will lead to the security and stability of the region,” Prime Minister Lee told the media shortly before receiving Kim in the government palace. Trump’s Air Force One will arrive in the city-state at the beginning of the night (local time). It is expected that some sort of commitment or future plan on how to handle the dismantling of the Norcoe nuclear program will come out of the interview. Many have criticized that the White House has agreed to a summit, which gives a level of international recognition to Kim that he had never enjoyed, without having defined before details of the North Korean denuclearization, not even minimum agenda points for the summit. Critics remember that this type of meetings between leaders takes place only after agreements between delegations have been reached. Before leaving for Singapore, at a press conference at the end of his participation in the eventful summit of the G7 in Canada, Trump said he was willing to “stop the meeting” at the time he feels that Kim does not want to commit to the denuclearization. He also assured that, within minutes of knowing him, he will be able to know how sincere the North Korean leader is. Trump said last week that there was not much preparation for the meeting and, despite the fact that what is described as “historic”, he warned that by itself it will not resolve the dispute between Pyongyang and much of the international community, so it might be necessary new summits in the future. As everything related to Kim, the trip was a challenge for the media that had to track three Chinese planes that left Pyongyang for Singapore. One of the doubts was in which type of airplane would use, considering that the North Korean fleet is integrated by old apparatuses of Soviet manufacture and whose autonomy of flight and security does not make them reliable to be used by the maximum head of the country. According to data provided by the hosts, some 2,500 journalists from all over the world are in the city to cover the event.

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