The North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to North Korea at the summit in Vladivostok. The North Korean news agency KCNA reported that Kim had suggested that Putin visit the country "at a convenient time". The Russian head of state accepted the invitation.

Kim and Putin met for the first time on Thursday in Vladivostok, Russia. They spoke in favor of deepening relations between the two countries. Putin also demanded security guarantees for North Korea,

The meeting took place against the backdrop of deadlocked nuclear talks between North Korea and the US. In February, a summit meeting between Kim and US President Donald Trump failed in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi. While North Korea demanded an end to sanctions, the United States demanded concrete steps by North Korea for nuclear disarmament.

At his meeting with Putin, Kim said, according to KCNA, that the US acted "in bad faith" and unilaterally in Hanoi. He warned that the situation on the Korean peninsula had reached a "critical point". Currently there is a standstill.

Nuclear program – rapprochement between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin
At the first summit with North Korea's head of state, the Russian president proposed a solution to the nuclear dispute. Both rulers are ready to talk.

© photo: Alexei Nikolsky