Kim Jong-un is rumored to be coup d’etat, who appears to be a fake figure

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The supreme leader North Korea, Kim Jong-un, it was rumored that his younger brother, Kim Yo-jong was coup d’état, and the one who appeared in public was a fake figure. However, South Korean intelligence denied the news.

South Korean news agency, Yonhap, reported that the National Intelligence Agency (NIS) immediately denied the issue shortly after it spread on Monday (25/10). A number of government officials also denied the news.

This issue began when the US tabloid Globe quoted a number of reports in Korea which stated that Kim Yo-jong staged a coup between May 6 and June 5.

According to the report, Kim Jong-un who appeared in public after that date was a fake.

The report highlights a number of different appearances of Kim Jong-un than before. The Globe also alluded to Kim Jong-un’s significant weight loss.

In recent months, Kim Jong-un’s health has become a concern. In November 2020, Kim also started to attract attention for looking very fat.

A number of South Korean media even reported that Kim’s weight had increased by about 50 kilograms since he first took office in 2012.

Kim started looking thinner last June, when he appeared in public for the first time in months. At that time, Kim is estimated to have managed to lose 10-20 kilograms of weight.

Some observers think Kim’s weight loss is the result of his efforts to become thinner, not because of disease.

As reported by Reuters, Kim’s health condition has always attracted the attention of world intelligence agencies because it relates to the supreme leader’s ability to govern North Korea.

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