Kim Jong Un’s lower body situation who instructed “Collect 600 joy groups” As long as my father is amorous with nearly a thousand joy groups, can blood still fight (1/4) | JBpress

As long as my father is amorous with nearly a thousand joy groups, can blood still fight?

Kim Jong Il, the founder of the infamous “Kippumjo” (Photo: Natsuki Sakai / Afro)

North Korea celebrated the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People s Republic of Korea on September 9. The dictatorships of the ideology, east and west of the ocean, have all collapsed in less than 70 years, but the North Korean regime is still alive after three years in addition to 70 years. However, the circumstances of the lower body of General Secretary Kim Jong Un, who revealed his true nature, may shake the survival of the system.

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(Kim Xingguang: Representative of NK Intellectuals and defector from North Korea)

There is debate among experts as to why the North Korean regime is still alive. The Ministry of Unification of Korea held the “2021 Korean Peninsula International Peace Forum” (KGFP2021) on September 1. In the session entitled “Evaluation of Kim Jong-un’s 10 Years in Politics and Diplomacy,” discussions were held on the factors behind the long-term continuation of the North Korean regime.

An expert announced on this day said that the factors for stabilizing the power of the Kim Jong-un administration were “reconstruction of the ruling class by terrorism and a large-scale purge”, “building an image as a pro-people leader”, and “planning for the elite and residents”. Planting loyalty ”.

According to sources, Kim Jong-un has purged about 260 executives so far. In addition, when analyzing the top ranks of power, 64% of them are newly appointed by General Secretary Kim Jong Un. General Secretary Kim Jong-un said that he succeeded in achieving power stabilization through such a reorganization.

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It is a really good economic story if the system is safe after the purge and the anxiety of overthrowing the system disappears, but the dictatorship system that manages to keep the lifeline is the world of peace for the residents of that country. Nor.

In fact, the fact that General Secretary Kim Jong-un, who has passed 10 years safely, started out of the plight of the inhabitants is that it is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and that he indulges in sake color and luxury.

A typical example is the resurrection of the infamous “Kippumjo”. Kim Jong-un has instructed him to gather 600 joy groups at once. In response to the order, the “Party Committee Division 6” throughout North Korea has a good class of origin and is eager to find good-looking women and widows.