Kim Kardashian decorates bathrooms with nine Christmas trees

Apparently, Kim Kardashian (42) can’t get enough of her festive decorations! There’s a lot going on in the life of The Kardashians actress right now. In addition to the divorce with ex Kanye West (45), the entrepreneur is currently dealing with a mega shit storm. The reason: she hesitated for a long time to comment on the current drama about her favorite brand Balenciaga. She apparently wants to defy the stress with a contemplative Christmas spirit. on the net Kim now a glimpse of her pretty Christmassy bathroom!

Via Instagram shared Kim on Wednesday a sequence in which her fans could take a look into her impressive bathroom. In addition to the marble bathtub and an XL shower, the Christmas decorations on the outside in particular caused a lot of enthusiasm – In front of the meter-long window front, the 42-year-old had a total of nine fir trees with lighting set up. “Look how magical this is. […] Now that’s all I see and it’s so beautiful,” he gushed Kim even from their festive prospect.

The Kardashian-Jenners’ love of lavish Christmas decorations seems to run in the family. Because sister Kylie (25) recently amazed her followers with her gigantic Christmas tree. Because it reached to the ceiling, a whole team of helpers was busy decorating the impressive tree. The 25-year-old recently shared this with her Instagram-Fans.

Kim Kardashian, Reality-Star

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Kim Kardashian’s view from her bathroom
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