Kim Kardashian: – Looks completely unreal

Kim Kardashian (41) has surprised, shocked and attracted attention a number of times – both with outfits, statements and life updates. One might think that the reality star has done and shown most things, but now she has once again thrown herself into something new.

Cliff with a new flame

The 41-year-old is apparently ecstatic himself, and happily shares the update with his 311 million followers on Instagram.

“OMG I’m a Sports Illustrated cover girl,” she revealed on social media this week.

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«A great honor»

Kardashian has graced most of the front pages and headlines, but this has never happened before.

Several media outlets have covered the case, including People and Us Weekly.

The reality star is not shy about showing off the lightly dressed photos from the magazine, fans are now served a number of photos from the feature in the magazine.

According to Kardashian’s Instagram post, the photos were taken in January this year, but it is only now that they are shown to the world.

“It has been so difficult to keep this front page a secret,” Kardashian wrote with the photos.

The star also reveals where the photos were taken, in the Dominican Republic, which is one of her favorite places according to the post.

- Definitely a child in the future

– Definitely a child in the future

“It is such a great honor and dream to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimwear edition,” the 41-year-old writes, adding that it is something she has had on the list of things she wants to experience.

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Sports Illustrated also writes a bit about what lies behind the styling. The magazine writes that the star’s styling was inspired by sporty fashion, motorcycle style and black leather.

Kardashian’s team is said to have worked closely with Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia (41).

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“Her appearance was designed to feel futuristic to match the expression Kardashian has had all her life,” the magazine writes.

The star is used to adorning magazine covers, but emphasizes that one has not always seen shapely bodies on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

– I remember Tyra Banks (model, journ. Note) on the front page (of Sports Illustrated, journ. Note) and women with shapes, and I remember I think it was so cool, she tells the magazine, according to Us Weekly.

MUSK ON THE FRONT: Maye Musk (74), the mother of Elon Musk, also adorns one of the covers of this year's Sports Illustrated swimwear edition.  Ciara (No. 2 fv) and Yumi Nu adorn the other covers.  Photo: Sports Illustrated

MUSK ON THE FRONT: Maye Musk (74), the mother of Elon Musk, also adorns one of the covers of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimwear edition. Ciara (No. 2 fv) and Yumi Nu adorn the other covers. Photo: Sports Illustrated
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Kardashian is one of four stars that adorn the cover of the magazine’s swimwear issue. Among these is also Maye Musk (74), who is the mother of Elon Musk (50), something Sports Illustrated itself shows in the review of the photos. Artist Ciara (36), as well as artist and plus size model Yumi Now are the other two.

Puts fire online

Puts fire online

Cheers in the comments section

There is no doubt that the fans have seen this update, and more people are cheering and congratulating in the comments section.

Little sister Kylie Jenner (24) is among those who have commented, and has left an emoji with heart eyes. She is far from the only one who takes the time to comment, both fans, friends and acquaintances seem to think it is a big event.

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“Iconic !!”, comments one user.

“SO COOL! You look completely unreal “, comments another.

Emojis, nice words and congratulations come on the assembly line, and the post has received almost three million likes by the time of writing.

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