Kim Kardashian wears a slippery snake-like body on Instagram, and fans wonder if she'll bring back the infamous Taylor Swift feud!

Kim Kardashian combined a snake body with a cleavage and sleek body, and a snake emblem on Instagram that some fans interpret as a clear message: The With the Kardashians (KUWTK.)) and Taylor Swift feud is back!

Kim Kardashian shows a supple figure in skin-tight bodysuits and tights

Kardashian is famous for her character and she has definitely found an outfit to show off her merits.

Kim wears a figure-hugging body and tights in her new Instagram photo. The style lets Kardashian flaunt her cleavage as she presents her carved waist.

But has this serpent imprint and the serpent sign that Kim added to the Instagram post have a secret meaning?

The fans linked everything with their feud and Kanye West's feud with Taylor Swift.

"I thought 🐍 was reserved for T. [Taylor] Hurry up with you guys, "wrote a fan.

Kim Kardashian animal prints are impressive, but about this snake

As Pop Sugar emphasized, Kim managed to carry three different animal prints in this image.

Next to the snake pattern on the bodysuit Kardashian wore leggings with python print.

And wait, there's more: look at the boots that have their own animal pattern.

But it is the serpent symbol that Kim chose as the caption, and this is the reference by Taylor Swift that causes intrigue.

Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift snake story

Last year, Swift contacted Kim Kardashian about the snake part of their feud, Harper's Bazaar reported.

During a concert, Taylor mentioned the snakes she had to write for her new music.

"You may wonder why there are so many snakes everywhere, right?" Taylor said to the spectators.

"Someone called me a snake on social media a few years ago and it has prevailed," recalls Swift.

This "someone" was a clear reference to Kardashian, who posed during his fight between Taylor and Kanye West over his song "Famous" Schlangenemojis.

So what do you think? Did Kim Kardashian post this snake symbol and wear this snake top to signal that her feud with Taylor Swift is not over yet? Share your comments below.


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