Home Entertainment Kim Kardashian presents pictures of Adrienne Bailon wearing NPP Beauty

Kim Kardashian presents pictures of Adrienne Bailon wearing NPP Beauty

We all know Rob Kardashian has dated a few bad apples at his time, but it looks like the Kar-Jenners do not think so Adrienne Bailon was one of them. Big sister Kim Kardashian retweeted some sweet snapshots from Cheetah Girls Alum wore one of her new NPP beauty lipsticks on February 11, and we almost died thinking that these two badass babes are still friends.

@AdrienneBailon wears @kkwbeauty New Candy Apple Lipstick & Lip Liner Red 3, which is now available online at http://KKWBEAUTY.COM [and] the # KKWBEAUTY pop-up shop on the @southcoastplaza in Costa Mesa, " original tweet from @ KKWMAFIA Read, including some adorable 35-year-old photos wearing the hot red lipstick.

Apparently there is still a love between these women, which leads us to believe that between the singer and the 31-year-old father does not go well, that there is no bad blood. with her and Kimmy.

Kim Kardashian Adrienne Bailon-lorry-Beauty

Kim is not the only Kardashian who still has ties to Rob's ex. Middle sis Khloé has also been in contact with the presenter of the talk show. The girls have been quite a bit complacent lately on the other side's Instagram posts, and Adrienne even blasted Coconut's daughter, True Thompson, in the commentary on a cute baby's beach photo.

"My ovaries can not stand it," she wrote. "Lol. TOO SWEET. BEAUTIFUL!"

Adrienne and Rob dated in the early days of Stay up to date with the Kardashians, from 2007 to 2009. The couple broke up because Rob had cheated on what he confirmed in a later episode of the series. Adrienne even got a butt tattoo for Rob, so you know the breakup had to sting just a little bit. But she made the knot with the now-husband, Israel Haughton2016 she is probably all right now.

We are delighted that Adrienne is working with another Kar Jenner sister again. It's time for you to make a gang of girls.


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