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Kim Kardashian Says Tristan Thompson Will 'Never Change' as His Cheating Scandal Unfolds on KUWTK

Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal – and revealed how Khloé Kardashian and her famous family in real time.

Khloé, 34, April 30, the mother-to-be was was sitting in Cleveland. Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie all react separately in Los Angeles, furiously texting one another about it.

"There's a video of Tristan making out with a girl last night," said Kim, 38. "Khloé's going to the. She literally goes to work in this lab. "

"I can not even imagine being in Khloé's shoes, just how it recklessly re-ignites -this is really shocking and obviously heartbreaking," added Kourtney, 39. "The whole thing makes me disgusted."

"She kicked him out. He left the house, "revealed Kendall, 23." We're trying to get her to come home. "

It turns out that Kylie, 21, is the one to break the news to her sister.

"No one had the courage to tell Khloé because we knew her was giving birth," Kylie said. "We did not want to stress out, but we knew it was the right thing to do. So I'm the one that told Khloé. I felt like she should hear from one of us versus the internet. "

Finally, Khloé called Kim crying, saying she was ready to fly back to Los Angeles but was not sure.

"You just have to worry about yourself right now and be calm," Kim said.

"I can not be calm," Khloé said. "Not right now."

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Kim admitted to feeling "helpless" over the situation as Khloé tried to figure out what she wanted to do.

"Kim said," She's confused, she does not know what to do and we do not really know what to do, "she said. "Honestly, I'm in shock. We love Tristan. This is honestly nothing that we suspected. We thought she finally found her Prince Charming, [her] happy ending. And then f-, It's just, why her? It just really, really sucks. "

And Kim had been hearing about even more rumors of Thompson's infidelity.

"Honestly, so many more stories are coming out," she said. "So many friends are calling me with so many more things. I told her, 'What are you going to get out of him? Think about it. You're going to be worried and nervous on insecure life, because if he's not faithful now, he'll never change. '"

"When one thing comes out you're kind of like, well, okay, maybe the video's old or maybe it's a misunderstanding. Because a picture does not tell the full story, "Kim added. "But then two more stories come out. This is just crazy. Now you know it's true. "

But before Khloé could decide on the future of her relationship with Thompson, she went into labor. As soon as possible, Khloé asked that they remain civil when they come face-to-face with Thompson, at least in the delivery room.

"It's like, everyone wants to make a decision right this second and I just want to give birth and focus on that and try to enjoy it and try it with him, as crazy as that sounds," Khloé said. "I want to enjoy this with him. I do not want any negativity in the delivery room. I do not want anybody to talk about it, make it feel uncomfortable or make it feel uncomfortable. Let's just act normal. Give me a minute. "

Kim agreed to remain cordial – but not cracking a few jokes about how she would greet him.

"I'm going to look at him and just like that," she said, miming cutting her throat.

Tristan there, and I actually really respect that, "Kourtney said. "But it's definitely going to be awkward. It's going to be hard to even look at him or even being in the same room with him. It's like you're f-ing with us when you disrespect one of us. "

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As PEOPLE previously reported, Khloe finally decides to be by Thompson, and they spend the summer as a family, building their relationship in Los Angeles. In recent weeks, however, the couple hits another rough patch.

According to a source, the new mom has been a "really tough" time and "still has a lot of hurt and anger."

"Khloé wants to be so badly for a happy family," said the source. "She wants to do what's best for her daughter, and to be that means being with Tristan."

But Khloé's mom and sisters are "not happy" about her move back to Cleveland and "think she deserves better," the source said. "They definitely do not trust him."

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!



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