Kim Kardashian shared an experience from her teenage years that got her into a lot of trouble

(Photo: Instagram: @Kimkardashian)

Kim Kardashian She surprised her followers by posting on her Instagram account a photograph of her remembering her days as a teenager.

The photographs showed a Kim Kardashian very different from the one we know today, as the teenager wore baggy clothes, dark makeup and a rebellious attitude.

In the description of the post shared for being the national day of the daughter in the United States, it read: “Mom, Sorry! I remember being grounded because of Kourtney. She stole your car, I drive it around the block and even though I didn’t participate in it, I got in trouble”.

(Photo: Instagram: @KimKardashian)
(Photo: Instagram: @KimKardashian)

But the accusations against her sister did not end there, because Kim added: “It was never my fault, I only listened to my sister and her friends. They were a very bad influence on me.

The influence He did not miss the opportunity and made a peculiar request to his daughters North y Chicago West: “North, Chi, please don’t be so hard on me when you’re the age I was in these photos,” the description read.

The post quickly went viral and amassed more than 5 million likes and 18,962 comments in the post.

Post viral de Kim Kardashian (Foto: Instagram: @KimKardashian)
Post viral de Kim Kardashian (Foto: Instagram: @KimKardashian)

Last June, the reality star: Keeping up with the Kardashian´s announced that the show would be coming to an end after 20 seasons and 14 years on the ‘E!’, which speculated that the family would completely abandon the reality life they had lived for all that time.

However, the Kardashian dynasty was not ready to leave viewer screens and announced that they would soon be premiering a new reality show through a popular streaming platform (Hulu).

At the moment very little is known about the plot which will cover this first season on Hulu, but it is speculated that it will stick to the latest events experienced by the Kardashian-Jenner family in Hollywood.

Kim on the new filming set (Photo: Instagram Stories Screenshot: @KimKardashian)
Kim on the new filming set (Photo: Instagram Stories Screenshot: @KimKardashian)

His sister, Kylie Jenner He previewed what fans could expect from this new reality show: “This is our next chapter. In the new program they will see us evolve as a family. The fans want us to be who we really are and that is how it will be from the first moment. All of them have become emotionally involved in our journey, as have we. I can’t say much about what is coming, but ‘spoiler’: we will be fabulous and everyone will see it ”.

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According to Kim in They need no introduction, “No matter how much our lives have transcended the show and the filming, that program is us”Commented the influence.

“I think that for many years we tried to prove that we are cool and that we wanted to be famous. Now, the show shows that we are normal, that we are like any family. It changed completely (…) (the spectators) came with us. They saw when I could barely pay the rent for my apartment, ”he continued.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

“We would not be without Keeping Up With the KardashiasKim concluded. And, with good reason, some would argue that the entertainment, fashion and beauty industries would not be the same without them either.

Despite all the years of filming on the “E!” Network, Kim and her family are grateful to the network for giving them the opportunity to broadcast part of her life on television.


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