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Kim Kardashian sued $ 300 million for using iconic "Kimojis," Entertainment News & Top Stories

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) – A picture says more than 1,000 words.

According to a new lawsuit, Kim Kardashian West's emojis could be worth $ 300 million.

A social media developer has sued Kardashian West and their company Kimsaprincess Inc. for a series of emojis and other pictures of the reality show celebrity.

In a lawsuit filed in the Oklahoma City federal court Tuesday, the developer claims that he and two others worked with Kardashian West to develop "Kimoji" designs and merchandising.

Now they claim that Kardashian West ran away with the trademark and never shared the profit.

"We want to be compensated for what we did with" Kimoji, "plaintiff David Liebensohn told the Post. "It was sold out, sold out, and every time you saw it had something to do with Kimoji."

Kardashian West did not respond to a request for comment.

In 2014, Liebensohn and two others, Narayan Shankar and Daniel Rice, founded their company, App Social, which developed social media applications.

One of their apps, CensorGram, helped social media users protect their accounts from bullying, spammers and trolls on Instagram. Users could filter and delete comments or users they did not want. The name of the app was later changed to CensorOut.

Kardashian West liked CensorGram and turned to App Social to talk about a potential investment. Together they talked on the phone and met in July 2014 in California.

Liebensohn, Shankar and Rice have released another of their apps designed by "sexy" Emojis. They made "Kimojis" – a series of animated emojis and GIFs from the Kardashian family.

The emojis now include dozens of icons of the famous Kardashian underground, a stiletto, a Bentley, well-maintained nails, and more.

Kardashian West took up the idea, saying that she would file the "Kimoji" brand herself to save App Social's costs, the complaint said.

The brand "Kimoji" includes mobile phone cases, bathing suits, flip-flops, T-shirts and other goods. The app was launched in 2015.

The group decided to divide up the profits of "Kimoji", with 60 percent going to love son and his colleagues and 40 percent to Kardashian West.

The lawsuit alleges that Kardashian West, after registering the "Kimoji" trademark, said in August 2014 that it was upset that Shankar had spread screenshots with personal information about her use of CensorOut.

Kardashian West used the screenshot as a reason to cancel the partnership according to the lawsuit.

Liebensohn said this year he learned that Kardashian West knew about Shankar's screenshot before agreeing to team up with "Kimoji." He believes that Kardashian West has maintained the screenshot until filing the trademark to have "Kimoji" for himself.

"We have decided that this is only possible in federal court," said Liebensohn.

The lawsuit also accuses Kardashian West of cheating and said she never intended to share the profits of "Kimoji".

Liebensohn requested a lawsuit. "The purpose of the lawsuit is to bring justice to Oklahoma," Liebensohn's attorney Robert J. Hantman said, "when loving son received zero money and Kardashian West made a fortune."

Forbes estimated Kardashian West's assets at $ 350 million last year.


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