Kim Kardashian West leads her training sessions to the beach.
The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 37, took a break from work in her home and instead landed with her close friend Carla DiBello and fitness influencer Amanda Lee for a sweat session.
Kardashian West flaunted her figure in a sporty bra top and spandex biker shorts – which she finally took off to show high-waisted briefs that showed her famous back – accentuating her hard-earned 24-inch waist.

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The reality star follows a rigorous workout and diet plan and documents for fans on both Snapchat and Instagram. At six o'clock in the morning six days a week, Kardashian West trainer Melissa Alcantara (who was absent during the celebrity's Star Day training) returns home for a one-hour workout focusing on specific body parts: shoulders, biceps / Triceps and chest / back, as well as three days dedicated to the legs.
"Kim has gotten some really nice results, like with her triceps! She can not believe how much has changed in the last few months, and when you're at that depth, it's hard to go back, she just keeps going like that Concentrated and she has one goal in mind, "said Alcantara before PEOPLE.

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Kardashian West was passionately inspired by some "terrible" paparazzi photos of her on vacation in Mexico and inspired the star to find a whole new way to get in shape.

"I saw those horrible photos of myself as I was traveling to Mexico and people were photoshopping and sharpening them," Kardashian West told The View in June 2017.
"I mean, I was definitely not in my best shape, I did not train in 12 weeks," she said. "I had two surgeries on my uterus … I did not feel like myself, and when people sharpened them and made them look a lot worse and then they walked around, I thought, 'Okay, I'll get it together. & # 39; "
In February 2018, Kardashian West announced that it had reduced her waistline to 24 inches – the smallest she'd ever been. "It has never been 24 in my life," she told Kourtney Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Jen Atkin during a video from her book club meeting on her app, adding that her hips are 39 inches tall.
But the star's coach says Kardashian West's ultimate body goals are strong and fit. "She did not want to be skinny, she wanted to have muscles and feel strong, and she wanted to find something she could do for the rest of her life," Alcantara said. "I totally understand where she comes from."


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