Kim So-hye’s “Happy Allegation, 3 years ago proved to be false”

Kim So-hye (Photo = E-Daily DB)

[이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] Singer and actor Kim So-hye from the group Iowa has completely denied the allegations of “Happy”.

An official from S&P Entertainment, Kim So-hye’s agency, said in a call with E-Daily on the 22nd, “The content of the suspicion of’hakpok’ posted online is not true.”

Earlier, a netizen posted an article on the online community claiming that Kim So-hye was an abuser in middle school and was chosen as a vice president for this.

In this regard, an official from the agency said, “Three years ago, a post containing the same content was published, and it was found to be false as a result of a police investigation.” Said.

He added, “It seems that false texts have been re-published as the recent’hakpok’ related issue has risen.” “This time, we are trying to take a strong legal response. We are currently requesting an investigation by the police,” he added.

Kim So-hye is a member of the project group Iowa formed through the Mnet idol survival program’Produce 101′. Currently, he is active in various fields such as acting and entertainment.



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