Kim Woo Seok’s Agency Announces Legal Measures To Protect Him From Online Rumors And Attacks Soompi

TOP Media announces measures against people who attack Kim Woo Seok online.

This June 21, the agency has indeed published a press release to this effect.

In it you can read:

“Hello, this is TOP Media.

First of all, we sincerely thank you for sending so much love to our artist Kim Woo Seok.

Recently, there have been defamation incidents targeting our artist through personal attacks and malicious rumors. We have therefore filed a criminal complaint with the Cybercrime Investigation Unit of Gangnam Police against the creators of these malicious messages for violating the Information and Communication Network Utilization Promotion Act and protection of information.

There will be no leniency or settlement in our agency’s dealings with these defendants, and we advise you that we will continue to protect the rights of our artists in the future through ongoing monitoring and enforcement. firm justice.

Please note that not only creating baseless and malicious messages, but also reworking and spreading such messages is also grounds for criminal punishment.


Source: newsen