Kinds of Diseases in the Rainy Season, UMA Info Page all – During the rainy season, there are many diseases that stalk us. One of the common ones is cough, runny nose and fever.

In addition, puddles and floods occur in many places during the rainy season. Not only interfere with comfort and cleanliness, but also have an impact on health.

But there are also other types of disease. What are they? Launching the page of the University of Medan Area (UMA), these are some kinds of diseases in the rainy season.

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Diphtheria and scabies

These two diseases often appear during the rainy season. The disease is contagious and can be easily caught by those who suffer from other conditions, such as asthma, allergies or diabetes.

Children are more susceptible to these diseases because of their increased susceptibility to diseases caused by environmental factors.

During the rainy season, these diseases tend to increase in number and become more difficult to control.

The drugs commonly used to treat these two diseases include insecticides and oral corticosteroids. Usually, a combination of these drugs is much more effective than taking them individually.

People suffering from this disease should also see a doctor regularly so that the disease can be prevented from developing into a more serious condition.

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Dengue fever and malaria

The types of diseases in the following rainy season are dengue fever and malaria. These two diseases have been fatal to both children and adults for many years now.

In fact, more people die from dengue fever and malaria during the rainy season than any other month of the year.

Pestilence, typhus and HIV

There is also pestilence, typhus and HIV which are other diseases and are often found in the rainy season. When there is an increase in the number of mosquitoes during the rainy season, the risk of contracting this disease increases dramatically.

If you want to prevent yourself from this disease, then it is important that you wear protective clothing such as hats and long sleeves.

Bacterial infection

These infections often occur due to insufficiently chlorinated warm water. Bacteria commonly found in ponds and rivers can spread to different parts of the body when they come in contact with human bare skin.

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There is a high chance that you can get this bacterial infection if you spend a lot of time in open water. Therefore, it is recommended that you bathe regularly during the summer.

Skin irritation and wounds

Especially for those who often swim in ponds and rivers. The sun can also cause burns to your skin, which can also lead to various infections.

But in fact, skin irritation and sores are very common during summer and spring.

Diarrhea and vomiting

While other diseases in the rainy season are diarrhea and vomiting. This is common especially during the hot months. You will often experience diarrhea and vomiting due to changing weather conditions.

If you want to prevent yourself from this disease, it is important that you eat lots of fruits and vegetables in the summer. So in the rainy season the body has a good immune.

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Fruits and vegetables are great for providing your body with essential nutrients, which can help your body fight off these infections.

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