King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Free Story Update Released – Game Size Reduced from 122GB to 38GB

NeocoreGames has released the first story update for a turn-based tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. The free add-on The Chained God added a lot of new “chips” to the game, and the accompanying patch reduced the size of the game from a whopping 122 GB to a perfectly acceptable 38 GB.

Update Features:

  • Completely new chain of story missions

  • Redesigned endgame with dozens of new maps

  • Significantly reduced game size

  • New gameplay mechanics

  • New High Level Items

  • New building in Camelot

  • Balance Changes

The full content of the patch can be found here at this link.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale available on PC. The game has over 2.5 thousand reviews on Steam, 84% of which are positive. In addition, the summer sale started yesterday, so the strategy can be purchased for only 536 rubles.