King Charles is preparing another threatening move against Prince Harry

Although for a while it seemed that King Charles and Prince Harry would finally bury the hatchet, now it seems that the tension continues to rise

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s eviction is ‘just the beginning’, says new report King Charles measures. The British monarch asked them to move out of their home in England, Frogmore Cottage. The couple currently live in California with their children, but stepped down as senior royal before leaving the UK.

This is just the beginning…

According to the latest reports, King Charles is preparing to eliminate the rent provided to the British royal family and is also planning to cut staff – all in order to limit expenses. According to the Evening Standard report, the 74-year-old monarch wants to reduce the number of members of the royal family who are financially dependent on the monarchy – they will have to pay for their housing after a while, because the king will permanently abolish the rent subsidy.

There will be no exceptions

A source told the paper: “The king is not some kind of housing association for distant relatives.” The insider also said that King Károly will rent out the properties at a commercial price, including to persons “outside the family”, and that for security reasons, a vetting procedure will be used.

King Károly’s coronation on May 6 will be smaller than that of his mother in 1953. While 8,000 guests were present at Queen Elizabeth’s three-hour coronation ceremony, her son’s will last only one hour and will be attended by only 2,000 people.


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Something creepy has been revealed about Prince Harry – is he getting closer to exile?

Something creepy has been revealed about Prince Harry - is he getting closer to exile?

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