King Henry VIII, the first brexiter in the history of England

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Published on : 04/16/2020 – 16:49Modified : 04/16/2020 – 16:54

World Religions – Sunday April 19, 2020 – 11:10 am-12:00pm Paris Time (Replay)

The divorce of Henri VIII with Catherine of Aragon and his marriage in 1533 with Anne Boleyn against the opinion of Pope Clement VII, at the origin of the schism with Rome, sign the birth of a national church freed from the papacy, the Anglican Church. In this, one can look at the king of the six wives as a brexiter. This is what the historian notes Bernard Cottret, specialist in the history of England and the Protestant Reformation, in his latest book on The Tudors (Perrin). In this replay, Religions du monde returns to this religious Brexit.

(October 27, 2019 replay)



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