‘King Kong-like’ Indian monkey caught kidnapping puppy and escaping [영상]

Capture from Twitter @Hasna Zaroori Hai

A monkey ran away with a dog in its arms in the middle of a market in Jaipur, India. On the 20th (local time), the New York Post of the United States said, “On the 18th, a scene from the movie ‘King Kong’ was reproduced in India.”

In the video, the monkey was holding a young black and white dog. I also looked at people who were filming me. Then, with the dog on his side, he jumped onto the roof on the other side. disappeared after that. According to reports, the whereabouts of the monkey and the abducted puppy are still unknown. The video was also shared a lot on social network services (SNS) and became a hot topic.

Capture from Twitter @Hasna Zaroori Hai

According to the New York Post, it is not uncommon for monkeys to kidnap and injure dogs in India. In 2021, two monkeys killed about 250 dogs in Maharashtra, close to the city of Jaipur.

In particular, the city of Jaipur, where the incident took place, has a huge Hindu temple complex, which is home to a large number of monkeys. In Hinduism, monkeys are regarded as the incarnation of the god ‘Hanuman’ and are recognized as sacred animals. For this reason, it has been nicknamed the ‘Monkey Temple’.

Reporter Lee Ye-ji,, [email protected]