Kingston announces DataTraveler 2000 128GB

Kingston announces DataTraveler 2000 128GB, a USB flash drive with encryption and alphanumeric keys.

DataTraveler 2000 comes equipped with an alphanumeric keypad that allows users to secure the unit with a PIN code consisting of letters or numbers, providing an extra level of protection. Also, for added security, the USB drive has an automatic lock function, which is activated when it is not turned off properly before it is removed from the USB.

Oscar Escayola, Flash Business Manager, Kingston EMEA

“While low-capacity storage drives offer their own advantages, high-capacity encrypted drives have become a necessity, with the need to transfer large and sensitive files as people start working from home.

The 128GB DT2000 joins the Kingston family of high-capacity encrypted USB drives, providing users with security options that can reach a military level. ”

DataTraveler 2000 is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified

It also provides 256-bit AES encryption at the military level. Designed for IT professionals in the field of global security, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate users, the DT2000 is perfect for those who need strong data protection.

The encryption is done on the unit, without any trace of the PIN code in the system. The unit is independent of the operating system, being easy to implement in work environments where multiple devices and operating systems are used.

DataTraveler 2000 is available in storage capacities between 4GB and 128GB, and the warranty is 3 years. Technical support is free.

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