Kino Atlantic in Moers is given up

The hoped-for turnaround for the location did not come even with “No Time to Die”, the cinema is no longer economically viable, according to a message from the Atlantic-Kinocenter on Facebook. With the last opening day on October 20, the curtain will be in the only cinema fall forever in Moers.

“The Atlantic Kino – these are not just great blockbusters, they are also you, our loyal customers, with whom you could also talk about films from time to time. You who loved our popcorn. The Atlantic Kino, these are also the 14 committed ones Employees, many of whom have been with us for years. The Atlantic Kino is also our personable boss, for whom the decision was not an easy one, “the message continues.

If you get a brief picture of the cinema on the website, two things immediately catch your eye: Very low prices (where the usual 3D surcharge was all the more important) – and the lack of the option to buy tickets online to buy.

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