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The event should make you fit to take on marketing responsibility in two very special environments. This involves service companies on the one hand and companies that market their (often technically highly complex) products to other companies on the other. This is called “business-to-business” (B2B) marketing.

Topics with regard to service marketing are:

  • Fundamental aspects of service marketing
  • Strategic characteristics of service marketing
  • The expanded marketing mix in the service sector

Topics with regard to B2B marketing are:

  • Fundamental aspects of B2B marketing
  • Organizational buying behavior
  • Special features of the marketing mix in the B2B area


  • know the marketing characteristics of service and B2B environments
  • are able to use various methods of measuring service quality (SERVQUAL, gap model, mystery shopping) in the service sector
  • can design price systems (e.g. revenue management) for services
  • have knowledge of queue management
  • can carry out optimal capacity planning in the service sector
  • are able to identify different types of B2B business and their peculiarities
  • are able to use different approaches (e.g. limit conjoint analysis (MeLimCA)) to measure the influence of individual buying center members
  • know the peculiarities and challenges of B2B branding
  • know the central theories of organizational buying behavior
  • have the ability to use “competitive bidding” to determine a price bid when participating in a tender
  • can prepare and carry out price negotiations and check whether they have been achieved

The success control takes place in the form of a written examination (60 min.) (According to §4 (2), 1 SPO).

Total effort with 3 credit points: approx. 90 hours

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Attendance time: 30 hours

Preparation and follow-up of the course: 45.0 hours

Examination and exam preparation: 15.0 hours

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