Kitchen splashback glass motif Aerial View of San Francisco Skyline at Sunset

To get the most perfect end result, we recommend that you measure the width and height of your back wall at different points. Always take the smallest measurement and subtract 4 mm.


tailor-made according to mm

Min. Dimension plate

20 cm x 20 cm

Max. Dimension plate

160 cm x 120 cm


tempered glass 6 mm

Resistant to

Heat up to 200 degrees and scratches

Production time

20 – 22 working days

Assembly method

stick to the wall & seal with silicone

Gluing advice

Pattex 100 % Kristall


Send us a detailed drawing by mail

Extra cut

rectangular or custom shape

      A photo can be taken with selective focus.
      This means that the focus will be on the selected item in the photo, the rest will appear as the background and will also be blurred after printing.
      We don’t see this as a misprint because that’s how photos are taken.

      Kitchen splashback glass motif
    • 30% discount glass motif on kitchen back wall
    • Exactly to your size made of 6 mm thick, tempered glass
    • Recesses for sockets possible
    • Free Shipping from € 95
    • Heat, scratchy and waterproof
    • Beautiful shine with depth
    • Vibrant colors and UV resistance
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to clean
    • Production time only 20 working days
    • Choose 100 million photos
    • In-house production

    Create a nice and warm atmosphere in the kitchen!

    Measurement and assembly instructions

    Measure the height and width of the desired location on 3 different spots (high, medium and low). Always use the smallest size when ordering minus 4mm (both in height and width) to ensure that the glass panel fits.

    Example: the smallest size measured is 120 cm: give a size of 120 cm-4 mm = 119.6 cm

    Assembly Instructions:
    This is very easily achieved by making a zigzag figure on the pane and then 5 cm from the edge of the frame using non-aggressive mounting adhesives (such as Pattex One for all – Crystal for example). Then seal the joints all around and you’re done!

    If you like sockets in your glass top then make your order online and email us a drawing with the correct dimensions.

    • Aerial View of San Francisco Skyline at Sunset

    • Downtown San Francisco aerial view of skyscrapers

    • This is an aerial view of the skyline with the Sears Tower at sunset. It is a summer evening and the lights of the city are on.

    • Frankfurt am Main Cityscape

    • The high-rise skyline scenery of Luohu and Nanshan in the evening in Shenzhen, China

    • city skyline in shanghai china

    • Aerial View Of Buildings In City Against Sky During Sunset

    • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – May 11, 2018: Aerial Panorama of the beautiful modern city during the night after sunset.