Kiwi slammed for interviewing celebrity

For example, the 56-year-old woman wants to know from Lili at what age she started contortion. The moderator also asked the artist about his grandmother and how many generations the family worked as artists. So far, so good. Then Andrea Kiewel followed.

  • “I just have to ask you now: of course you were taken?”
  • “Oui.”
  • “But no children yet?”
  • “Non.”
  • “But isn’t that out of the question?”
  • Silent.
  • “You wouldn’t ask that of a woman in 2022.”
  • “Yes! Precisely because you can ask for that in itself. Everyone decides for themselves.”
  • “I am okay.”

After that, Andrea Kiewel quickly changed the subject and asked a divine question about Italian words. The host was slammed online for her question and Lili Paul-Roncalli celebrated for her retaliatory attack. “I am totally on Lili’s side. The question of whether a woman is planning children is nobody’s business. Especially not the public”, wrote a man on Twitter, for example.

Another viewer commented online: “On live TV, asking a woman if she wants to have children is extremely insensitive and rude. It’s just not possible in 2022.” Many other users agreed.

This is not the first time that Lili Paul-Roncalli has been asked about a possible offspring. In an interview with ‘Gala’ two years ago, the then 22-year-old said she wanted to have three children.

A few months after this interview, he fell for Dominic Thiem. In January 2021, the actress and tennis star formalizes their romance. However, as much as possible, the two avoid their relationship in the public eye — as does their family planning.