“Kla Party” urges the Ministry of Commerce to use its power to reduce “oil prices”

Korn Chatikavanich headDare Party declare how to makeoil pricedecreased by 4 baht per liter by the Central Committee to control prices of goods and services or The Committee, which has the Ministercommerceas the chairman has the power to declare products that are important to life as controllable goods through Act on the price of goods and Although free trade principles must be adhered to, international principles are exempted in some cases to allow the government to intervene in order to alleviate the suffering of the people. We have enacted a law since 1999, Section 24, Chapter 3 deals with unfair pricing of goods and services. The CCP with the approval of the Cabinet has the power packaging of this type of product It is a controllable product. Section 25 (2) the Board has the power to determine the profit margin. the highest in selling products of that kind

In the past, this committee met every year. to review that Are there any products that need to be controlled?
Which appears to have liquefied petroleum gas and fuel oil announced in the Government Gazette in 2021, the question is, when it is declared a controlled product, why is there no measure to control it in accordance with the power under Section 25? unduly Although the commodity price control committee had a meeting on June 16 last.

headDare Party confirm that the proposed is the tool we have to makeoil pricecan be adjusted down immediately, there is a standard and there is a clear reason That the board should use the power that it has. The price in front of the pump will be immediately reduced by 4 baht per liter from the control of refining costs.

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