Klaten Man Dies in Grave, Long Barrel Gun Found Nearby


A resident of Jalan Sulawesi, Central Klaten, Klaten, with the initials TY (25) was found dead at the Tegal Binangun Public Cemetery, Bareng, North Klaten District. At the crime scene (TKP) a long-barreled hunting firearm was found.

Residents around the crime scene who did not want to be named told the incident where the body was found at around 13.30 WIB. The victim was found by the tomb officer, Tri Martono.

“It happened at around 13.30 WIB, who knew about Mr. Tri’s grave officer. There was a long-barreled rifle like for hunting at the location,” he said. secondsCentral JavaSunday (29/5/2022) night.

Told the source, this finding was then reported to the Klaten Police. The police then came to the location.

“Until the afternoon, officers conducted an investigation at the location. But the body has been taken by ambulance to the hospital,” he added.

According to residents near the tomb, added the source, the victim had been at the location since morning. Come by car to the location by yourself.

“There was someone who saw the car coming in the morning. But they left and in the afternoon they were found at the location,” he concluded.

Klaten Police Chief AKBP Eko Prasetyo when confirmed secondsCentral Java allow there to be a report of the incident. The cause is still under research.

“This is still being investigated, but for the time being the cause of this reckless action is due to frustration,” explained Eko.

Eko also confirmed that a long-barreled weapon was found near the location where the victim’s body was found. Eko said the long-barreled weapon was a hunting weapon.

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“The weapon is a long-barreled weapon for hunting,” added Eko.

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