Klopp explained why he jumped on Arteta: I’m tired of these situations! (video)

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp gave an explanation for the scandal with his colleague from Arsenal Mikel Arteta in the clash between the two teams on Saturday.

The “Merseysiders” defeated the opponent with 4: 0, but even before the goals were scored, the two coaches ran into each other and it seems that they would have reached a physical clash if they had not been torn by the people around them.

The quarrel was caused by a sharp entry with the elbow of Sadio Mane against Takehiro Tomiyasu.

The violation was a fact, although Klopp maintains that Manet is innocent and undeservedly pressured in such situations.

“It was a very clean situation, nothing happened, two people jumped in the air and did not touch, at least not enough to have a foul,” said the German.

Arsenal’s bench jumped and I asked them, “What do you want?” There was no real contact, but everyone seemed to want a red card. “We had to take him out against Atletico because they were trying to get him a card.”

However, Klopp admitted that he himself deserved the yellow card for the scandal with Arteta. Both managers passed without being sent to the stands.

“The referee did well in this situation, I deserved the yellow card. It wasn’t okay what I said. But it just happened at the moment.”

He praised his team for its performance, but warned that difficult months were coming: “The championship is very difficult now, and the most tense segment is ahead of us. December and January will be pure madness.”

Mikel Arteta downplayed what happened and stressed that he congratulated Klopp after the victory of Liverpool.

“He defended his team, and I defended mine, that’s it. It doesn’t matter anymore. I talked to Klopp after the game and I congratulated him. These moments remain on the field.”