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Original title: Klopp: Manchester United will quickly expand in the summer window and Tottenham will also make big signings

Liverpool’s ambition is to win the quadruple? No no no, Klopp is already looking ahead to the new season, and the Liverpool boss said he will continue to build a “proper machine” in the summer window to avoid being caught up by Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United next season.

When asked if rivals have the opportunity to challenge the new standard created by Manchester City and Liverpool next season, Klopp firmly said they will.

“Yeah that’s right, I saw that when we played against Chelsea in the FA Cup final. I was very happy with the way we played the first half hour at Wembley because it was our Best half hour against Chelsea because they are a very difficult opponent.”

“So we always have to learn and improve and we’ll see what our squad looks like next season, all these arrangements, the same thing. But you know, Ten Hag has come to Manchester United, they It’s not like they’re going to wait five years, they’re going to be big this summer, things like that.”

“And then you don’t forget Tottenham, Conte is a very ambitious manager and they have a good team. If they are going to play two big games next season (the Premier League and the Champions League), they may need more than they do now. More players. Then they bring in what they need and that’s it.”

“But you can also think it’s not about summer signings. No one needs to worry about the gap forever. The next game will always be the hardest job, if we relax a little bit, it’s a 15, 16 point gap at the moment. It will immediately shrink to three points, or to zero.”

“So it’s all up to us to make sure we do as well as possible, as for other opponents, it may not have any real impact on us.”

“Let me repeat, we have a talented team, we will still have a talented team next season, but we have to build the right machine and let’s see what happens. “

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