Klopp talking about .. his opinion on Klopp and his statements about Mani


Thursday, November 7, 2019

05:31 PM

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp has spoken of his comments on Pep Guardiola's remarks at Manchester City about Sadio Mane and said he was proud that Manchester City had played a defensive plan last season against his side.

"I don't care if anyone criticizes the decisions we make about the tournaments we play and who plays in each game," Klopp told Sky Sports about the Carabao Cup and playing in the substitutes. "The team cannot consist of 14 players who play every game."

“ It doesn't matter what people say about the possibility of winning the league title against Manchester City on Sunday.If we win the game, we don't win then we won't win the league championship, which is the same for Manchester City if they win, '' he said. "The season is full of games and there are months to come."

“ We have to prepare for the match but we should not look at it as it will determine what will happen in the rest of the season, because every period of the season is important and cannot be built on a single game in the league, '' he said. . "

"What happened last season has happened. Now we are pushing ourselves for the better. We scored last season's points that were not enough to win the league so we have to be better this season, and Manchester City is always trying to stay close and compete."

"We are now on the verge of an international halt, and then it will be very difficult with the successive games we play in more than one tournament."

"We have a lot of mutual respect for each other in recent years, but I am very happy that Guardiola played differently last season in respect of us and what we have to offer on the pitch," Guardiola said. . "

"Even when we played the return we lost because the ball needed 11 millimeters to get into Manchester City. Otherwise we would have deserved a draw, and I expect the next game to be at the same level as last season."

In response to Guardiola's statement about Sadio Mane and deliberately falling to get penalties: "I have all the respect for Guardiola, and if he says that he does not deliberately wrong Mani, he is right, and this is always what we talk about the penalties, whether deliberate or not."

Klopp said he was confident that Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson would play against Liverpool: "I don't know if his absence will have an impact on the team's plan, but I am 100% confident that he will play because he is always involved and not used to injury."

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