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Attacker won’t let go

32-year-old pursues victims at Südtirolerplatz

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Yesterday afternoon, a 32-year-old man first threatened a 27-year-old man with a switchblade and then pursued him. He was eventually arrested.

A dangerous attack took place on Friday afternoon at Südtirolerplatz in front of Salzburg’s main train station in the Elisabeth Vorstadt district. A 32-year-old Iranian man shoulder-shoved a 27-year-old Afghan man in the chest, injuring the victim. However, the attacker did not let go of the 27-year-old and pulled out a switchblade, the police reported in a broadcast.

Salzburg main station: knife attacker arrested

The 27-year-old tried to flee, but the suspect took up the pursuit and pointed to stabbing the victim with the switchblade. A little later, the attacker gave up the pursuit and went to a bar. There he was arrested by the station police and taken to the Puch-Urstein prison by order of the Salzburg public prosecutor’s office. The investigation is ongoing.

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