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Knife stabber from Würzburg reportedly from prison in psychiatry

by archyw

However, he is to be brought before an investigating judge on Tuesday afternoon, who will decide whether the 24-year-old will be placed in a psychiatric facility. The “Main-Post” had previously reported on the plans. The investigators initially did not want to confirm this information.

On June 25, the Somali stabbed people who were obviously unknown to him in downtown Würzburg. Three women died and five were critically injured. There were also four slightly injured.

The investigators check whether the man was motivated by Islam. Nevertheless, there are indications of a psychological impairment. The 24-year-old was first registered in Germany in 2015. Since then he had attracted attention several times because of mental health problems. So far, the authorities say they have not had any evidence that the man could endanger other people. According to the investigators, the prerequisites for permanent placement in a psychiatric hospital were not met.

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