Knocked! Motorola confirms first 200MP camera smartphone to launch in July

It has been rumored for a long time for the world’s first 200MP camera smartphone from Motorola that will be launched this year. Recently, it has been officially confirmed that it will be released in July!

Motorola has sent a teaser image of a large camera lens that stands out. with the message in the picture saying “A new benchmark for shooting experiences with superior specs. A new era of 200MP photography with a mobile phone. See you in July.”

It is certain that the Motorola Frontier or real name Motorola Edge 30 Ultra that was previously rumored will be launched in July. It is expected to come with a curved design, both the screen and the back cover as it comes out. with large rear camera lens

The internal specs are packed with the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, with a 6.67″ screen, 144Hz refresh rate, 60MP front camera and 3 rear cameras, a maximum resolution of 200MP, with a large battery and 125W fast charging system.

If you look at the time period, it will be July. The same month that Xiaomi will launch the first flagship smartphone that has developed a camera with Leica as well. I believe that there will be many comparisons. Wait to follow. Month 7 will be fun for sure!

Source: Sparrowsnews.

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